Hlýja​ Dental Clinic

Welcome to Hlýja dental clinic. We are one of the largest dental clinics in Iceland, with over 40 employees and several of Iceland‘s finest dentists, many of whom are specialists in specific areas of dentistry.  

Dentistry for children and those with special needs

Hlýja offers dentistry for all age groups and we strive to find solutions to all our clients’ problems. We take pride in our pediatric dentistry – dental services for children and people with disabilities and special needs – as our team of pediatric dentists make sure that things run smoothly and play a large role in ensuring those who visit us, adults or children, have absolutely the best possible experience.

We speak fluent English and would be happy to welcome you to our clinic. We encourage you to contact us to make an appointment.

We make it our absolute priority to ensure that all who visit us receive the best service and a highly professional dental evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. Above all, we want to ensure that all our visitors have a positive experience during their visits.

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